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Coaching as a formula for success, that is what we stand for!

The mental well-being, also known as happiness at work, of your employees is fundamental to the success of your business, as well as effective collaboration within teams.

Stimulating business mental well-being is essential to increase your company's productivity, reduce employee turnover, and create and secure a positive work culture. Happy-at-work employees get the best out of themselves, giving you as a company the best possible experience. Happy-at-work employees get the best out of themselves, allowing your company to get the best out of your team and thus achieve the best results.

Our success packages provide clear insight through various (analysis) indicators, team sessions and one-on-one coaching. With this, we offer your organization insight, allowing you to identify risks and we provide a preventive approach to absenteeism.


  • Compact Work Happiness Indicator
  • Mapping risks
  • Prevention Masterclass
  • Compact DISC Analysis
  • DISC team session
  • Rapport with findings
  • Recommendations


‘Basic’ expanded with:

  • Individual Mental Well-Being
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Masterclass Generational Management
  • Thinking Styles & Motivations Analysis
  • Plenary team session
  • Concluding client session


‘Premium’ expanded with:

  • Comprehensive Work Happiness Indicator
  • Additional one-on-one coaching
  • Leadership Analysis
  • Skills Analysis / Jobcrafting
  • 2 Collaboration days (incl. vitality)
  • Prevention Toolkit

The success packages offer tools to support you in promoting happiness at work and thus (further) building the mental well-being of your company, as well as fostering better collaboration within teams.

Together, we join forces to assist you as a company but also as an individual. Alongside Maartje den Bieman, Laura van Kessel is ready for your organization. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and career coach, Maartje is a trained Stress and Burnout coach. Laura is a career coach, a certified DISC, Thinking Styles, and Motivations analyst and coaches based on the NLP conviction.

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Coaching as a Formula for Success

Effective teamwork and mental well-being are the foundation of your business's success

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