Laura's expertise, combined with decisiveness and a passion for both people and her profession makes working with her exceptionally pleasant. She is driven, understands things with just a few words and seamlessly fits into an organization. Laura is a true professional. 

Katherine Atkins – CEO The Avocado Show 

I'm impressed by her dedication to creating a positive work environment and supporting the growth of ISS Facility Services. Laura has a keen eye for talent, excellent communication skills and a clear approach that contributes to the success of the organization. A valuable asset to any company!  

Thijs Fennis – COO ISS Facility Services 

With great pleasure, I have had the opportunity to work together with Laura. I have experienced her as a passionate manager, who is very driven and result-oriented. However, she does not lose sight of the human aspect and is someone who is always ready for her team and open to feedback. 

Neville Power – CEO & Founder GameChangers Recruitment 

I've had a very pleasant and close collaboration with Laura. Laura is a highly skilled HR professional who has the ability to challenge you in a positively critical way to come to the best decisions. She is incredibly dedicated, supportive of her colleagues and a positive addition to the management team. Above all, she's a delightful person to work with! 

Maaike Muller-Schoel – Head of Industry & Manufacturing ISS 

The passion with which Laura presents herself is impressive. She takes responsibility for her work and achieves results by involving stakeholders in the process, persisting until the job is done. Her expertise, decisiveness and the energy she brings and radiates make her immensely valuable.

As an advisor, I experience Laura as a sincere, critical and decisive professional. She is open to feedback and instills confidence. I enjoy working with her. Her ability to handle various substantial projects, serve as a sparring partner for advisors, management and C-level is considerable. The fact that she also takes the time to coach, provide feedback and challenge you on certain issues to become the best version of yourself is inspiring and exceptional. 

Roxanne Berg – HR Advisor ISS Facility Services 

I consider Laura as a highly skilled colleague who quickly identifies how the needs of an organization impact operations and the people who need to manage them.

Straightforward, yet always with a human touch. Working with her is very pleasant for me. 

Lars Hartjes – Key Account Manager Phillip Morris International (ISS) 

Laura cares deeply about employees but always keeps the organization's interests in mind. She is enthusiastic, driven, decisive and doesn't shy away from difficult conversations. In short, a very pleasant and wonderful professional to work with. 

Karen Bovenlander – Casemanager BrinQer 

I have collaborated extensively with Laura, where she served as the HR Manager and thus my (interim) supervisor. We've had a pleasant collaboration, both professionally and personally.  

Laura is highly intelligent, visionary, decisive and doesn't shy away from difficult conversations. She excels in both the hard side (processes) and the soft side (human) of HR. Laura brings energy and depth to a team. 

Mathijs de With – Recruitment Consultant Compagnon 

Laura has been a pillar of strength as my manager during my time at! With dedication to the company and its employees, she established and organized the HR department with vision, now playing a crucial role in the further development of Thanks for the great collaboration! 

Anne-Marie Slot – HR Operations Specialist