HR Scan

Having an HR-Scan conducted by Point HRM is a valuable step for any organization looking to update and optimize its HR processes and strategies.

What is already well managed? Are you compliant? Where are your opportunities?

HR-Scan Approach

To provide a clear and honest advice, we thoroughly analyze your current HR activities. Since no organization is the same, each HR scan is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your company. We focus on the areas that are most relevant and valuable to you and tailor the analysis methods accordingly.

Possibilities: Examining (the existence of) procedures, checking documents for timeliness and correctness, and conducting interviews with management and employees are among the analysis methods of Point HRM's HR scan.

Customized advice: Upon completion of the HR scan, you will receive expert advice with recommendations from our experienced HR team. We offer practical solutions to develop talent, improve interpersonal (team) collaborations, address inefficiencies, ensure compliance and set up or improve HR processes. We also personally explain this to you. Our HR scan enables you to take action on your own. Naturally, Point HRM is ready to implement the given advice in practice and support your organization as needed.

Futureproof: Our HR scan not only takes into account the current situation but also provides insight into the future. We assist you in developing a strategic HR

Full HR

Outsource your (entire) HR Management


How is HR been taken care of within your company so far?

Coaching & Development

One-on-one, Team, policies

Vitality & Absenteeism

Handled professionally, yet with a human touch

Interim Management & Advice

Consultancy. Project- and/or hourly-based. Temporary, tailored to your specific needs

Coaching as a Formula for Success

Effective teamwork and mental well-being are the foundation of your business's success

Why Point HRM

Choosing the right partner for your Human Resource Management is a crucial decision for any organization. At Point HRM, we stand for 'HR Management from another Point of view,' through: 

In-depth expertise

At Point HRM, we have a rich history of experience in all aspects of HR Management. From HR administration to HR management, coaching, team development, DISC analyses and all other facets of the HR toolkit. This profound knowledge and experience have been gained in highly diverse industries, from business services to construction businesses and everything in between. It enables us to understand your specific needs and provide solutions that align perfectly with them. 

Passion for People 

Our founder, Laura van Kessel, brings not only expertise but also a profound passion for the well-being of people into her work. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy work environment and maximizing the performance and engagement of your employees. 

Customized solutions+ 

We understand that every organization is unique, with its own challenges and goals. That's why we offer tailor-made HR solutions specifically tailored to your organization. No one-size-fits-all approach at Point HRM. 

Strategic Partnerships 

We don't see ourselves as external advisors but as partners in your success. Collaboration with your organization and team is central to our approach. We work closely with you to develop an HR strategy that propels your organization forward. If desired, this can also take place On Site, 


At Point HRM, it's all about achieving measurable results. We aim to help your organization grow, operate more efficiently and save costs through effective HR management. 

Up-to-Date with Trends 

We keep ourselves informed about the changing laws and regulations, as well as the latest trends and technologies in HR management, to ensure that everything within your organization is well-regulated. This way, your organization can benefit from advanced tools and best practices. 

In short, at Point HRM, we combine expertise, passion and tailormade services to support your organization in achieving HR success. If you're looking for a reliable, results-oriented HR partner, Point HRM is the right choice. Together, we will streamline your HR processes and foster the growth of your employees and, consequently, your organization. 

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