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Welcome to Point HRM, your partner in Human Resource Management. Our organization was founded by Laura van Kessel, an expert with rich experience in various sectors.

At Point HRM, we understand that your workforce is the core of your organization. That's why we focus on strengthening your HR processes and supporting your organization with HR, your personnel policy, and the development of your employees in the broadest sense imaginable.

About Laura van Kessel

Laura van Kessel is the driving force behind Point HRM and founded the company with an impressive combination of expertise, decisiveness and a deep passion for both people and her area of expertise.

Her dedication to optimizing Human Resource Management makes collaborating with Laura particularly enjoyable and valuable.

Laura is certified in both DISC (Personal Insights/MBTI) and ‘Thinking Styles’ & ‘Driving Forces’ and coaches from the NLP perspective.

With a wealth of experience in various sectors, including Business Services, Staffing & Recruiting, Construction, Aviation, Technology, Life Sciences & Pharma, FMCG, Fashion/Retail, Transportation, Financial Services, Sales, Healthcare, Logistics, Food & Beverages, Industry & Manufacturing and Hospitality & Facility Management, Laura has a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that different industries present.

Laura's expertise, combined with decisiveness and a passion for both people and her profession makes working with her exceptionally pleasant. She is driven, understands things with just a few words and seamlessly fits into an organization. Laura is a true professional.

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Coaching as a Formula for Success

Effective teamwork and mental well-being are the foundation of your business's success

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